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Bhutan is no ordinary place - the name itself translates to "Land of the Thunder Dragon". It is often referred to as the last ‘Shangri-la’, from its reputation as a hidden, mysterious and beautiful gem in the Himalayan mountains.


We are very fortunate to have the opportunity to visit Bhutan and to appreciate its culture and lifestyle on a first hand basis. The country itself is unlike any other. It is extremely mountainous and urbanisation has not yet taken its toll. Cities are hours away from each other and in between lie many villages and other settlements. 

Here are a selection of photos we took on our visit to Bhutan in 2017.​



Buddhism is the largest religion in Bhutan; between two thirds to three quarters of its population are Buddhists. Bhutan’s state religion,  is Vajrayana  Buddhism. 

It is a branch of buddhism which incorporates traditions such as Tantra and “Secret Mantra”. Religious festivals are a significant part of Bhutanese culture. The most prominent of these occasions      

is the spring-time festival, Paro Tsheshu. During this 4 day annual event, monks dress up as deities and re-enact the history and myths of Buddhism in Bhutan. 

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