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The third year of the 'booktobhuthan' project is now underway and is scheduled to take place in the summer of 2020. 

Four sixth form students, namely, Will, Jasper, Fynn & Casper shall be raising funds, in order to create an English library and teaching resource within another monastery in Bhutan.

The boys shall travel to Bhutan in order to set up the library resource and provide help with the teaching & the initial use of the materials.

As with the previous participants, the boys as well as the recipients, shall benefit greatly from such great deeds. The process of fundraising shall test the boy's entrepreneurial spirit and develop team leadership & team work, the cross cultural exchange & communication shall foster empathy, tolerance & humility - to witness the lives of those less  well off & to appreciate the importance of the non-material, more spiritual side of life.

To understand that different cultures have different norms, but that ultimately despite the different religions & cultural, every human being is essentially the same - a much needed trait  for the future generations who are living in an ever increasing globalised world.


The experience shall not only benefit the Bhutanese monks, but allow the boys to experience the rewarding feeling & the importance of helping others (altruism), hopefully leading to a more caring & compassionate viewpoint for the boys to take forward in life.

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